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Ottawa Area Lashes and Brows

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Services that Last


For clients want beauty treatments that go beyond the scope of makeup, Rayne offers Eyelash Extensions as well as Eyebrow Services. These services leave clients with a fresh look that lasts weeks.


Trusted and Preferred Lash Technician


Rayne has been providing eyelash extensions to clients in the Ottawa area since 2016. She is committed to the health of her clients natural lashes and implements the latest techniques in application and isolation to ensure her extensions do not cause damage.


Her eyelash extensions are long lasting and comfortable. Incorrectly applied lashes cause clients to fill discomfort and will eventually lead to loss and damage of eyelashes. By properly applying each extension, Rayne’s lash extensions last longer and feel better than other extensions in Ottawa.


Expert Brow Artist


Rayne offers a wide range of brow services. Brow shaping and waxing is perfect for clients who want their brows to appear more sleek and defined to frame their face. Brow tinting is perfect for clients who want more colour and definition in their brow hairs. Finally, brow lamination lifts and relaxes the brow hairs to make the brows more tame and manageable. Combine services for a discount!

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Certified on November 10th, 2016. Certification available upon request.

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