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5 Tips To Make Your Next Makeup Shopping Experience ROCK!

So you need a new foundation (or lipstick, or mascara.. or everything)? Run down to the store and grab something! If you know what you're looking for, it’s a breeze, five minutes if the line is short and you're getting a latte and on your way home!

But maybe you aren't doing a repeat purchase! Maybe the last product you were using is now discontinued or didn't work for you. Maybe you're honestly just bored of it! Now you've got more of a problem on your hands! With the massive amount of product launches happening every week, it can seem a impossible to pick a new product for yourself (let alone multiple).

I'm hoping to give you a few tips so that your next visit to the mall or drugstore is a little more stress free!

Is shopping for makeup stressful?

When I worked in Sephora, I used to applaud the clients that came in knowing nothing and being timid of makeup shopping. It's an overwhelming experience even if you have a rough idea of what you want and what's out there! To this day, I give suggestions and tips to people that are interested in taking a dive in there for a new product!


1. Pick where you're going!

If you're shopping by brand, you can go to counters in department stores or stand alone locations of makeup stores. If you want variety, you can visit places that keep many brands in one location like Sephora or Shoppers.

Consider your budget before picking as well! Department stores and some boutiques have higher priced items while stores like Sephora, Shoppers and Ulta have a wide range! Some stores like NYX can provide a boutique experience but with a lower cost!

2. Have a plan!

Whether you want one thing or a whole new collection, looking at what you already have can help you narrow down what you want before shopping! This can also help avoid buying things you don't need or already have!

Another plan might include finding assistance. Most makeup stores have a person available to help you shop! Needing assistance might influence what store you choose to shop at as some stores (sephora and mac) have busier traffic flow than others (drugstores, boutiques, salons).

You might also want to consider what days and times you shop at! Weekend afternoons as well as 6pm onward on week days will always be busier while mornings and earlier afternoon week days as well as early weekends are safer for lower traffic! Holidays are when all bets are off! Traffic is hard to predict and notoriously high!

3. Do some research!

A quick browse of the website of a cosmetic retailer can show you some new products or highly rated items that you would not have stumbled on otherwise!

Beauty bloggers that focus on reviews and recommendations are another place to start out!

Some amazing beauty blogs:

MakeupAlley: reviews by product users (regular people) as well as discussion topics!

Temptalia: reviews and discussions curated by the blogs writer! We suggest looking at the Dupe List and Foundation Matrix!

If upon trying to research, you are still unsure of what you want, proceed and maybe try another time.

4. Give yourself time!

Finding a new product can be a little bit of a process! Make sure you aren't in a rush when you shop! Fate will have it that no one is available to help, the line will be 20 people long and your shade will be out of stock. Shop when you still have product left in case you get a total dud too!

And get your free samples girl!! Not every product can be sampled, but some very important ones can (foundation, moisturizer, primer etc)! A sample made of a few products you need to replace can make sure you end up spending your precious cash on something that's really going to work for you!

5. Be nice!

It is ok if shopping for makeup makes you stressed. Its ok if you're frustrated by the experience, waiting or trial and error. But it is not ok to be rude to someone while they are working! If you are receiving customer service that you do not appreciate (first considering if you are asking for the moon), simply walk away and try another employee or store! No small interaction is worth spoiling your day or mood.

Besides, makeup is supposed to bring you joy! Allow yourself to experience joy when shopping for it as well! You deserve it!


Those are our 5 tips on how to slay your next makeup purchasing experience! There are bound to be hundreds of more tips to give someone for their next buy, if you have a good one, let us know below! Sharing is caring!


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