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Summer Beauty Essentials (From a Pro!)

Summer is here and with that comes new skin concerns, environmental factors and beauty trends! Here's what I'm looking for going into the warmer months!



Sun protection is a must when you are going to be outside exposing yourself to UV rays more often. This step should really be a year round habit, but take this opportunity to start truly investing in your skin.

There are SO MANY options for spf that range in price, formulation and protection! Here are my favs!

This is a newer love of mine. I use it as a final step to my skincare routine. There is only one shade but it is so sheer that it doesn't show on most.

This is a great option for people who get a white cast from every spf they try, its a completely clear spf with a velvety texture.

This goes on completely clear. It is better for the body but I have used it for reapplication on my face in a pinch! It smells like summer!

This is perfect for touch ups and reapplication. It goes on clear and blots oil!

This is a great product for clients needing an "all in one" step. With a recent shade expansion, more people can love this product like I do!



There's a couple reasons I love to exfoliate more in the summer:

- We show more skin on our bodies usually

- We are more dehydrated

This skincare step is amazing for bringing out natural radiance and a more even complexion. This is what makes it perfect for people who want to wear less makeup in the warmer times. I find the makeup I apply on both myself and my clients looks better with a little skin resurfacing as well. Here are some of my favs!

This is a gentle chemical exfoliation that I use as a prep step on my clients. It works well on even sensitive skin types and works quickly to leave a radiant more smooth base.

This is a great daily moisturizer that comes in a huge size. I had to work my way up to the full amount but I noticed a huge improvement in my skin after daily usage! Its also Canadian!

This was a great product that I used as more of an overhaul treatment. When I've neglected my skin or waited way too long between masks, this does the trick!

I want to remind everyone trying exfoliation of any kind, to use protection from the sun as it leaves the skin weakened. I also suggest being more gentle. It is easy to go to hard on our skin when resurfacing!



This is the time of year to give your skin (all of it) a little more glow! Adding these products to your existing beauty routine is a great way to boost your glow!

drunk elephant, bronzer, primer, serum, skincare, beauty, makeup
This serum + glow is amazing as a priming step or a replacement for coverage. I love using this alone on my natural days to improve skin radiance

Glow, body oil, body shimmer, shimmer oil, dry oil
This is the best body oil for summer. It is lightweight and beautiful! Make sure to give it a good shake before every use.

bronzer, affordable, drugstore
These bronzers come at a great price and smell amazing! I love using them over the entire perimeter of the face to add definition and warmth

The Fenty Beauty bronzer collection is amazing for clients who want the perfect summer glow just for them! The soft matte finish is very natural and flattering!


That's A Wrap!

This summer, give your look an elevated element by including some of these beauty must-haves! Is there a summer essential in you beauty routine that we missed? Let us know in the comments what you can't live without this year!


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