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New Year, New Blog!

Hi friends!

Rayne here! I'm starting to take a stab and this blogging thing so lets see how it goes (more like how long it lasts...#new years resolutions and all)!

Look at all these fresh start projects we've got this year!

This is where I'm going to get a little more one-on-one with my online viewers and clients. With posts about makeup artist related tips, DIY projects and product reviews, I'm hoping to share a personal side with the readers!

As of right now, I have some ideas for posts. However, I'm always interested in hearing what people would like to see. You know the drill with that.. Leave a comment or feel free to contact us with the links in the contact page!

For a first post, I guess this is pretty short! But, there is more to come! So, stay tuned and I will see you lovely readers next time!


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1 Comment

Congratulations on your new blog, I look forward to your posts 😘

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